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Title: Section VII, 1c - Myths and Legends of Southern W.A.
Issue Date: 18-Mar-2013
Abstract: Miak the moon, how the nunga got fire, Meeka and Yonggar (Moon and kangaroo), Wommulyu, Irdabilyi and Karder (stellar myth), various superstitions, how the sea came (Jitti-jitti and the invaders), Jutitch and Ngulak (Native Cat and Cockatoos), Jutitch and Ngulak (Southern Cross Version), the two brothers and the Spirit Woman, Jitti-jitti and Wej (Wagtail and Emu), Walitch and Wordung (Katanning version), the Ngulak (Cockatoos), Mulgar the Thunder, More Southern superstitions, the Mammara (pigmies), how the southern natives got the fire, tales of the Woggal (Carpet snake)
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