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Title: Section VII, 2 - Myths and Legends - Northwestern W.A.
Issue Date: 18-Mar-2013
Abstract: North West W.A. legends Introduction, Lengo and Mandabullabulla, Tchallingmer and Lengo, Mooral and Marjali (seagulls), the Kabboowallee (cannibal), how Kooljoowan got his red legs, the bad boys and the Elders, the story of Joord Joord (northern stag), how the Broome natives got fire, how Wanberr got his red legs and Tchallingmer his ugly walk, The Ngarri Jandu and the two Nimmamoo (the spirit woman and the two boys), the Moolguroorung and Banning-booroo (locust and carpet snake), Eaglehawk, wagtail and pigeon, Langoor and Jalbu (opossum and native cat), the greedy Jandu (2 versions), Tchanbur and Nalja (2 versions), the Geerrgeerr and Jooga jooga (sparrowhawk and pigeons, Woolgardain and Koolarding (whipsnake and Mangrove snake), Winnini and Kalbain (emu and pigeon, 2 versions), the meat-hunting Jandu, Ngargalula (spirit babies) (3 articles, a-c, the queer fish and the queer baby, Leeberr, a great sorcerer, the story of Wandagarra), the stone figures at Nullagine, Roebourne stories – origin of the blackfellows, of the moon, and of the hawk and the babies, the Parrjaning (kangaroo), the Woolgardain and Banningbooroo, a story of the Moon.
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