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Type: Journal article
Title: Acoustical behavior of single inlet and multiple outlet elliptical cylindrical chamber muffler
Author: Mimani, A.
Munjal, M.
Citation: Noise Control Engineering Journal, 2012; 60(5):605-626
Publisher: Inst Noise Control Eng
Issue Date: 2012
ISSN: 0736-2501
Statement of
A. Mimani and M. L. Munjal
Abstract: Transmission loss (TL) of an elliptical cylindrical chamber muffler having a single side/end inlet and multiple side/end outlet is analyzed by means of the 3-D semi-analytical formulation based upon the modal expansion (in terms of the angular and radial Mathieu functions) and the Green’s function. The acoustic pressure response obtained in terms of Green’s function is integrated over surface area of the side/end ports (modeled as rigid pistons) and upon subsequent division by the port area, yields the acoustic pressure response or impedance [Z] matrix parameters due to the uniform piston-driven model. The 3-D semi-analytical results are found to be in excellent agreement with the results obtained by means of 3-D FEA (SYSNOISE) simulations, thereby validating the semi-analytical procedure suggested in this work. Parametric studies such as the effect of chamber length (L), angular and axial locations of the ports, interchanging the locations of inlet and outlet ports as well as the addition of an outlet port for double outlet mufflers on the TL performance are reported, thereby leading to the formulation of design guidelines for obtaining muffler configurations exhibiting a broad-band TL spectrum. One such configuration is an axially long chamber having side-inlet and side-outlet ports such that one of the side ports is located at half the axial length on themajor/minor axis and the other side port is located at three-quarters (or one-quarter) of the axial length on the minor/major axis.
Rights: © 2012 Institute of Noise Control Engineering.
RMID: 0020124948
DOI: 10.3397/1.3701036
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