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29-Dec-1917Letter regarding the administration of the Gilbert and Ocean Islands. 6th April 1922.Arthur Grimble
29-Dec-1917Letter to Mr Ayton from Arthur Grimble concerning land issues in the Gilbert and Ellice Islands.Arthur Grimble; Henry Maude
1952Letter to Mr. Frank Eyre, 22 July 1952-
1953Letter to Mr. Frank Eyre, 27 May 1953-
1926Makoro II. Te Katei Riki.-
-Memorandum on the return to their conquered owners of certain lands on Tarawa Island after the wars called "Nea" and on certain questions arising therefromArthur Grimble; Henry Maude
1938Memorandum. Local Steps to be Taken if and when Approval of the Phoenix Islands Settlement Scheme is Received.-
1937Memorandum. Notes on the Employment of Labour on Hull and Sydney Islands.-
1942Memorandum. The Inception of the Scheme for Colonizing the Central Pacific Islands-
1937Note on Various Islands of the Phoenix Group Visited in H.M.S. "Leith", February, 1937-
1937Notes of Discussion with His Honour Mr. J.C. Barley, Resident Commissioner, Gilbert and Ellice Islands, at Suva on 22nd February, 1937-
2018Part 1, Series B, Folder 1: Correspondence from Grimble and Kennedy 1931- 1932-
2018Part 1, Series B, Folder 2: War Service at Pearl Harbour, Vaitupu and Abemama, 1942- 1944-
2018Part 1, Series B, Folder 4: Correspondence and papers on Banaban affairs, 1931-1949-
2018Part 1, Series B, Folder 5: Banaban financial matters, 1937-1949-
2018Part 1, Series B, Folder 6: Correspondence and papers on Rabi affairs, 1946-1951-
2018Part 1, Series B, Folder 7: Correspondence and papers on the orthography of Gilbertese, Tuvaluan and Tongan-
2019Part 1, Series C, Number 10: Notes on French microfilms-
2019Part 1, Series C, Number 11: Eucher and related French Reports-
2019Part 1, Series C, Number 12: Photocopies of source material-