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2019Part I, Series D: Photocopies: 'The String figures of Yirrkalla: a major revision' / collected by Frederick D. McCarthy, 1948; revised and illustrated by Honor C. Maude and Mark A. Sherman. 'Bulletin of the International String Figure Association' v.2 1995, and Mark A. Sherman 'Reconstructed methods for the Jayne and Garcia Figures: Appendix III' for H.C.Maude's 'The String Figures of Nauru Island (second edition)'-
2019Part II/1 Group "A": 11. Naval Correspondence on the Guano Islands and the Peruvian Slave Trade (transcribed from microfilm) and notes from Ward's thesis on "Polynesian Emigration to Peru"-
2019Part I, Series D: Draft of article on String Figures for the Encyclopedia of Oceania [prepared 1996]-
2019Part I, Series D: Reprints and/or proof copies of String Figures from Tonga (1986), String Figures from Torres Strait (1987), String Figures from Northern New Guinea [with Camilla Wedgwood] (1967), Mikronesier Fadenspiele and Polynesier Fadenspiele (1965)-
2019Part II/1 Group "A": 1. Gilbert Islands (General): from West Pacific High Commission Archives & other sources to 1869, see also no. 23, 30, 38-
2019Part II/1 Group "A": 10. Pitcairn Island (General)-
2019Part II/1 Group "A": 7. The Tahitian Pork Trade 1800-1827. Vol. 1.-
2019Part II/1 Group "A": 9. Pitcairn Island: references & bibliography data-
2019Part II/1 Group "A": 5. Islands (by Groups). Ellice Islands, Phoenix Islands, Nauru Island, miscellaneous islands.-
2019Part II/1 Group "A": 2. Islands: from Western Pacific High Commission Archives & other sources. Cook Islands (general), Northern Cook Islands, Palmerston Island, Suwarrow Island, Tokelau Islands, Marshall Islands, Caroline Islands, Tikopia Island-