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2014Intermittent and daily therapy for tuberculosis in childrenStern, C.
2010Why has the nurse practitioner been granted prescribing privileges?Lumby, J.; Robins, M.; Woods, M.
2014Evidence-based health care: a system level model for transforming practiceLockwood, C.S.; Annual Scientific Meeting of the ANZSN and Renal Society of Australasia Annual Conference (25 Aug 2014 - 27 Aug 2014 : Melbourne)
2011Effect of five genetic variants associated with lung function on the risk of chronic obstructive lung disease, and their joint effects on lung functionArtigas, M.; Wain, L.; Repapi, E.; Obeidat, M.; Sayers, I.; Burton, P.; Johnson, T.; Zhao, J.; Albrecht, E.; Dominiczak, A.; Kerr, S.; Smith, B.; Cadby, G.; Hui, J.; Palmer, L.; Hingorani, A.; Wannamethee, S.; Whincup, P.; Ebrahim, S.; Smith, G.; et al.
2014Influenza vaccines in immunosuppressed adults with cancerLisy, K.
2013Preoperative anemia management with intravenous iron: a systematic reviewFroessler, B.; Tufanaru, C.; Cyna, A.; Pearson, A.
2013Public engagement in translating knowledge to actionRobertson-Malt, S.; Riitano, D.
2011Neurophysiological evidence for cognitive and brain functional adaptation in adolescents living at high altitudeRichardson, C.; Hogan, A.; Bucks, R.; Baya, A.; Virues-Ortega, J.; Holloway, J.; Rose-Zerilli, M.; Palmer, L.; Webster, R.; Kirkham, F.; Baldeweg, T.
2012Towards the delivery of appropriate health care in AustraliaRunciman, W.; Colera, E.; Day, R.; Hannaford, N.; Hibbert, P.; Hunt, T.; Westbrook, J.; Braithwaite, J.
2013A comparison of meta-aggregation and meta-ethnography as qualitative review methodsLockwood, C.; Pearson, A.