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2021A Deep Learning-Based Method for Identification of Bacteriophage-Host InteractionLi, M.; Wang, Y.; Li, F.; Zhao, Y.; Liu, M.; Zhang, S.; Bin, Y.; Smith, A.I.; Webb, G.I.; Li, J.; Song, J.; Xia, J.
2021Accurate multistage prediction of protein crystallization propensity using deep-cascade forest with sequence-based featuresZhu, Y.-H.; Hu, J.; Ge, F.; Li, F.; Song, J.; Zhang, Y.; Yu, D.-J.
2023Allelic bias when performing in-solution enrichment of ancient human DNADavidson, R.; Williams, M.P.; Roca-Rada, X.; Kassadjikova, K.; Tobler, R.; Fehren-Schmitz, L.; Llamas, B.
2020An Interpretable Prediction Model for Identifying N⁷-Methylguanosine Sites Based on XGBoost and SHAPBi, Y.; Xiang, D.; Ge, Z.; Li, F.; Jia, C.; Song, J.
2021Anthem: a user customised tool for fast and accurate prediction of binding between peptides and HLA class I moleculesMei, S.; Li, F.; Xiang, D.; Ayala, R.; Faridi, P.; Webb, G.I.; Illing, P.T.; Rossjohn, J.; Akutsu, T.; Croft, N.P.; Purcell, A.W.; Song, J.
2023Associations Between Aldosterone-Renin-Ratio and Bone Parameters Derived from Peripheral Quantitative Computed Tomography and Impact Microindentation in MenHolloway-Kew, K.L.; Anderson, K.B.; Rufus-Membere, P.; Tembo, M.C.; Sui, S.X.; Hyde, N.K.; Kotowicz, M.A.; Gwini, S.M.; Yang, J.; Diez-Perez, A.; Henneberg, M.; Liao, W.-H.; Pasco, J.A.
2022Control strategy for multi-column continuous periodic counter current chromatography subject to fluctuating inlet stream concentrationGerstweiler, L.; Billakanti, J.; Bi, J.; Middelberg, A.P.J.
2015Curated program of performances by Indigenous musicians from the Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Music (CASM) at The Spirit Festival, Adelaide spirit festival 2015Rotumah, G.E.
2023Electromagnetic Shielding using Graphene Material in Wide Bandwidth of 1.5GHz-10GHzGupta, K.; Nine, M.J.; Denton, C.; Losic, D.; International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation (ISAP) (31 Oct 2022 - 3 Nov 2022 : Sydney, Australia)
2022In Defence of the Traditional MethodologiesGoldsworthy, J.; Lakin, S.; Kyritsos, D.
2018Joseph Is a Brontosaurus Man, Mary Misses the Ice AgeHooton, M.J.
2017Jubilate in MusicaCrossin, C.B.
2017Live and Die with the ButterfliesFerguson, M.S.
2017Shards (hommage à Kurtág)Whittington, S.C.
2023Show Me What You Mean: Inclusive Augmented Typography for Students with DyslexiaTaljaard, D.; Thiessen, M.
2019Teaching Music with Mathematics: A Pilot StudyMilne, A.J.; Calilhanna, A.M.; Montiel, M.; GomezMartin, F.; AgustinAquino, O.A.; 7th Biennial International Conference for Mathematics and Computation in Music (MCM) (18 Jun 2019 - 21 Jun 2019 : Univ Politecnica Madrid, Escuela Tecnica Super Ingn Sistemas Informaticos, Madrid, SPAIN)
2021The "Manner and Form" Theory of Parliamentary SovereigntyGoldsworthy, J.
2018Written inside a hatWhittington, S.C.