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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Jubilate in MusicaCrossin, C.B.
2017Live and Die with the ButterfliesFerguson, M.S.
2020Procleave: Predicting Protease-specific Substrate Cleavage Sites by Combining Sequence and Structural InformationLi, F.; Leier, A.; Liu, Q.; Wang, Y.; Xiang, D.; Akutsu, T.; Webb, G.I.; Smith, A.I.; Marquez-Lago, T.; Li, J.; Song, J.
2020PROSPECT: A web server for predicting protein histidine phosphorylation sitesChen, Z.; Zhao, P.; Li, F.; Leier, A.; Marquez-Lago, T.T.; Webb, G.I.; Baggag, A.; Bensmail, H.; Song, J.
2018PROSPERous: High-throughput prediction of substrate cleavage sites for 90 proteases with improved accuracySong, J.; Li, F.; Leier, A.; Marquez-Lago, T.T.; Akutsu, T.; Haffari, G.; Chou, K.C.; Webb, G.I.; Pike, R.N.
2023Selected adjuvants increase the efficacy of foliar biofortification of iodine in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) grainMagor, E.; Wilson, M.D.; Wong, H.; Cresswell, T.; Sánchez-Palacios, J.T.; Bell, R.W.; Penrose, B.
2023Show Me What You Mean: Inclusive Augmented Typography for Students with DyslexiaTaljaard, D.; Thiessen, M.
2019Teaching Music with Mathematics: A Pilot StudyMilne, A.J.; Calilhanna, A.M.; Montiel, M.; GomezMartin, F.; AgustinAquino, O.A.; 7th Biennial International Conference for Mathematics and Computation in Music (MCM) (18 Jun 2019 - 21 Jun 2019 : Univ Politecnica Madrid, Escuela Tecnica Super Ingn Sistemas Informaticos, Madrid, SPAIN)
2021The "Manner and Form" Theory of Parliamentary SovereigntyGoldsworthy, J.
2018Written inside a hatWhittington, S.C.