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2023BLTR1 Is Decreased in Steroid Resistant Pro-Inflammatory CD28nullCD8+ T Lymphocytes in Patients with COPD—The Spillover Hypothesis Explained?Hodge, G.; Jersmann, H.; Holmes, M.; Asare, P.; Roscioli, E.; Reynolds, P.N.; Hodge, S.
2023CCL2-Mediated Stromal Interactions Drive Macrophage Polarization to Increase Breast TumorigenesisArcher, M.; Bernhardt, S.M.; Hodson, L.J.; Woolford, L.; Van der Hoek, M.; Dasari, P.; Evdokiou, A.; Ingman, W.V.
2023Chemical and Sensory Characterization of Xinomavro Red Wine Using Grapes from Protected Designations of Northern GreeceGoulioti, E.; Jeffery, D.W.; Kanapitsas, A.; Lola, D.; Papadopoulos, G.; Bauer, A.; Kotseridis, Y.
2023Cohort profile: GRACE – a residential aged care cohort examining factors influencing antimicrobial resistance carriageCarpenter, L.; Shoubridge, A.P.; Flynn, E.; Lang, C.; Taylor, S.L.; Papanicolas, L.E.; Collins, J.; Gordon, D.; Lynn, D.J.; Crotty, M.; Whitehead, C.; Leong, L.E.X.; Wesselingh, S.L.; Ivey, K.; Inacio, M.C.; Rogers, G.B.
2023ConservationBots: Autonomous Aerial Robot for Fast Robust Wildlife Tracking in Complex TerrainsChen, F.; Nguyen, H.V.; Taggart, D.A.; Falkner, K.; Rezatofighi, S.H.; Ranasinghe, D.C.
2015Curated program of performances by Indigenous musicians from the Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Music (CASM) at The Spirit Festival, Adelaide spirit festival 2015Rotumah, G.E.
2024Deepening Insights Into Social Entrepreneurship by Leveraging Service-Dominant LogicBaker, J.J.; Weerakoon, C.
2024Development and validation of an intrinsic capacity score in the UK Biobank studyBeyene, M.B.; Visvanathan, R.; Ahmed, M.; Benyamin, B.; Beard, J.R.; Amare, A.T.
2023Diabetes ascertainment among older Australians residing in long-term care facilitiesWondimkun, Y.A.; Caughey, G.E.; Inacio, M.C.; Lang, C.; Hogan, M.; Sluggett, J.K.
2023Diabetes mellitus monitoring and control among adults in Australian general practice: a national retrospective cohort studyZheng, M.; Bernardo, C.; Stocks, N.; Hu, P.; Gonzalez-Chica, D.
2023Downregulation of barley ferulate 5-hydroxylase dramatically alters straw lignin structure without impact on mechanical propertiesShafiei, R.; Hooper, M.; McClellan, C.; Oakey, H.; Stephens, J.; Lapierre, C.; Tsuji, Y.; Goeminne, G.; Vanholme, R.; Boerjan, W.; Ralph, J.; Halpin, C.
2023Electromagnetic Shielding using Graphene Material in Wide Bandwidth of 1.5GHz-10GHzGupta, K.; Nine, M.J.; Denton, C.; Losic, D.; International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation (ISAP) (31 Oct 2022 - 3 Nov 2022 : Sydney, Australia)
2023Evaluating Benefits of Smart Design and Control of Distributed Storage for the Pasadena Case Study CatchmentLiang, R.; Thyer, M.; Maier, H.; City of Mitcham
2023Experimental investigation of the influence of fibre content on the flexural performance of simply supported and continuous steel/UHPC composite slabsChen, S.; Visintin, P.; Oehlers, D.J.
2023Exploring UPLC-QTOF-MS-based targeted and untargeted approaches for understanding wine mouthfeel: A sensometabolomic approachFerrero-Del-Teso, S.; Arapitsas, P.; Jeffery, D.W.; Ferreira, C.; Mattivi, F.; Fernández-Zurbano, P.; Sáenz-Navajas, M.-P.
2023Extreme Value Analysis for Peak Heliostat Wind Load PredictionsEmes, M.; Leslie, B.; Arjomandi, M.; 28th SolarPACES Conference (27 Sep 2022 : Albuquerque)
2023From Pathogenesis to Intervention: The Importance of the Microbiome in Oral MucositisBruno, J.S.; Al-Qadami, G.H.; Laheij, A.M.G.A.; Bossi, P.; Fregnani, E.R.; Wardill, H.R.
2023Gendered Meat? Cognitive Dissonance and Individual Differences in Meat EatersSemmler, C.; van der Velde, N.; Di Stasio, S.; Harkess, K.; Chur-Hansen, A.
2023Guardians' perceptions of caring for a dog with canine cognitive dysfunctionTaylor, T.L.; Smith, B.P.; Hazel, S.J.
2023HelioCon: A roadmap for advanced heliostat technologies for concentrating solar powerZhu, G.; Augustine, C.; Mitchell, R.; Muller, M.; Kurup, P.; Zolan, A.; Yellapantula, S.; Brost, R.; Armijo, K.; Sment, J.; Schaller, R.; Gordon, M.; Collins, M.; Coventry, J.; Pye, J.; Cholette, M.; Picotti, G.; Arjomandi, M.; Emes, M.; Potter, D.; et al.