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2023Electromagnetic Shielding using Graphene Material in Wide Bandwidth of 1.5GHz-10GHzGupta, K.; Nine, M.J.; Denton, C.; Losic, D.; International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation (ISAP) (31 Oct 2022 - 3 Nov 2022 : Sydney, Australia)
2023Evaluating Benefits of Smart Design and Control of Distributed Storage for the Pasadena Case Study CatchmentLiang, R.; Thyer, M.; Maier, H.; City of Mitcham
2023Experimental investigation of the influence of fibre content on the flexural performance of simply supported and continuous steel/UHPC composite slabsChen, S.; Visintin, P.; Oehlers, D.J.
2023Extreme Value Analysis for Peak Heliostat Wind Load PredictionsEmes, M.; Leslie, B.; Arjomandi, M.; 28th SolarPACES Conference (27 Sep 2022 : Albuquerque)
2024Fibre-rich diet attenuates chemotherapy-related neuroinflammation in miceCross, C.; Davies, M.; Bateman, E.; Crame, E.; Joyce, P.; Wignall, A.; Ariaee, A.; Gladman, M.; Wardill, H.; Bowen, J.
2023Gendered Meat? Cognitive Dissonance and Individual Differences in Meat EatersSemmler, C.; van der Velde, N.; Di Stasio, S.; Harkess, K.; Chur-Hansen, A.
2023HelioCon: A roadmap for advanced heliostat technologies for concentrating solar powerZhu, G.; Augustine, C.; Mitchell, R.; Muller, M.; Kurup, P.; Zolan, A.; Yellapantula, S.; Brost, R.; Armijo, K.; Sment, J.; Schaller, R.; Gordon, M.; Collins, M.; Coventry, J.; Pye, J.; Cholette, M.; Picotti, G.; Arjomandi, M.; Emes, M.; Potter, D.; et al.
2023IFI27 transcription is an early predictor for COVID-19 outcomes, a multi-cohort observational studyShojaei, M.; Shamshirian, A.; Monkman, J.; Grice, L.; Tran, M.; Tan, C.W.; Teo, S.M.; Rodrigues Rossi, G.; McCulloch, T.R.; Nalos, M.; Raei, M.; Razavi, A.; Ghasemian, R.; Gheibi, M.; Roozbeh, F.; Sly, P.D.; Spann, K.M.; Chew, K.Y.; Zhu, Y.; Xia, Y.; et al.
2023Impact of educational and psychological interventions compared with standard care in college/university students with autism spectrum disorder: a systematic review protocolKantor, J.; Li, J.; Du, J.; Svobodová, Z.; Klugar, M.; Salehi-Pourmehr, H.; Hampton, D.; Smolíková, M.; Kantorová, L.; Marečková, J.; Zmeškalová, D.; Munn, Z.
2023Improving equity in access to kidney transplantation: implementing targeted models of care focused on improving timely access to waitlistingCundale, K.; McDonald, S.P.; Irish, A.; Jose, M.D.; Diack, J.; D'Antoine, M.; Owen, K.J.; Hughes, J.T.
2023Inclusive-photon production and its dependence on photon isolation in pp collisions at √s = 13 TeV using 139 fb‾¹ of ATLAS dataAad, G.; Abbott, B.; Abeling, K.; Abidi, S.H.; Aboulhorma, A.; Abramowicz, H.; Abreu, H.; Abulaiti, Y.; Abusleme Hoffman, A.C.; Acharya, B.S.; Adam Bourdarios, C.; Adamczyk, L.; Adamek, L.; Addepalli, S.V.; Adelman, J.; Adiguzel, A.; Adorni, S.; Adye, T.; Affolder, A.A.; Afik, Y.; et al.
2023Influence of Atmospheric Stability on Turbulence Length Scales in the Eddy Surface LayerEmes, M.; Arjomandi, M.; 14th International ERCOFTAC Symposium on Engineering Turbulence Modelling and Measurements (6 Aug 2023 : Barcelona)
2023Initial Severity of Injury Has Little Effect on the Temporal Profile of Long-Term Deficits in Locomotion, Anxiety, and Cognitive Function After Diffuse Traumatic Brain InjuryCorrigan, F.; Arulsamy, A.; Shultz, S.R.; Wright, D.K.; Collins-Praino, L.E.
2023Initiating Jahn–Teller Effect in Vanadium Diselenide for High Performance Magnesium-Based Batteries Operated at −40 °CXu, X.; Ye, C.; Chao, D.; Davey, K.; Qiao, S.Z.
2023Internalization of a Thin Ideal and Body Dissatisfaction in Lesbian and Heterosexual Women: Testing a Moderated Mediation ModelDahlenburg, S.; Gleaves, D.; Kavanagh, P.; Hutchinson, A.
2018Joseph Is a Brontosaurus Man, Mary Misses the Ice AgeHooton, M.J.
2017Jubilate in MusicaCrossin, C.B.
2017Live and Die with the ButterfliesFerguson, M.S.
2023Mafic mineral clots and microgranular enclaves in A-type Hiltaba Suite granites from the Gawler Craton, South Australia: Origins and implicationsKontonikas-Charos, A.; Ehrig, K.; Cook, N.J.; Ciobanu, C.L.
2023Model based process optimisation of an industrial chromatographic process for separation of lactoferrin from bovine milkGerstweiler, L.; Schad, P.; Trunzer, T.; Enghauser, L.; Meyr, M.; Billakanti, J.