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2023Identifying Residents Who May Benefit from an Analgesic Review: Applying Analgesic Indicators in Residential Aged Care Services.Dowd, L.A.; Cross, A.J.; Liau, S.J.; Jadczak, A.D.; Visvanathan, R.; Veal, F.C.; Bell, J.S.
2023Incident atrial fibrillation in relation to ventilatory parameters: a prospective cohort study.Noubiap, J.J.; Tu, S.J.; Emami, M.; Middeldorp, M.E.; Elliott, A.D.; Sanders, P.
2022Invasiveness of endometrial cancer cell lines is potentiated by estradiol and blocked by a traditional medicine Guizhi Fuling at clinically relevant doses.Khan, S.; Varricchio, A.; Ricciardelli, C.; Yool, A.J.
2018Joseph Is a Brontosaurus Man, Mary Misses the Ice AgeHooton, M.J.
2017Jubilate in MusicaCrossin, C.B.
2023Key lessons from new perspectives on Australian coastal managementHarvey, N.; Smith, T.F.
2023Lifestyle management in polycystic ovary syndrome – beyond diet and physical activityCowan, S.; Lim, S.; Alycia, C.; Pirotta, S.; Thomson, R.; Gibson-Helm, M.; Blackmore, R.; Naderpoor, N.; Bennett, C.; Ee, C.; Rao, V.; Mousa, A.; Alesi, S.; Moran, L.
2023Linear phase detector for detecting multiple leaks in water pipesZeng, W.; Do, N.; Lambert, M.; Gong, J.; Cazzolato, B.; Stephens, M.
2017Live and Die with the ButterfliesFerguson, M.S.
2023Manifestation of the coupling phase in microwave cavity magnonicsGardin, A.; Bourhill, J.; Vlaminck, V.; Person, C.; Fumeaux, C.; Castel, V.; Tettamanzi, G.C.
2023Mapping reviews, scoping reviews, and evidence and gap maps (EGMs): the same but different- the "Big Picture" review family.Campbell, F.; Tricco, A.C.; Munn, Z.; Pollock, D.; Saran, A.; Sutton, A.; White, H.; Khalil, H.
2023Movement of cerebrospinal fluid tracer into brain parenchyma and outflow to nasal mucosa is reduced at 24 h but not 2 weeks post-stroke in miceWarren, K.E.; Coupland, K.G.; Hood, R.J.; Kang, L.; Walker, F.R.; Spratt, N.J.
2023Neonatal Group B Streptococcal Infection in Australia: A Case-control Study.Yanni, M.; Stark, M.; Francis, L.; Francis, J.R.; McMillan, M.; Baird, R.; Heath, P.T.; Gordon, A.; Riccardione, J.; Wilson, A.; Lee, R.; Chooi, K.; Quinn, O.-P.; Marshall, H.S.
2023Overlap quark propagator near the physical pion massVirgili, A.; Kamleh, W.; Leinweber, D.B.
2023Realisations of elliptic operators on compact manifolds with boundaryBandara, L.; Goffeng, M.; Saratchandran, H.
2023Rebuilding life after migration: Research protocol of a mixed methods study on settlement experiences of refugee and migrant youthZiaian, T.; Puvimanasinghe, T.; Miller, E.; Augoustinos, M.; Esterman, A.; Baddeley, M.; Arthur, N.; de Anstiss, H.; Tsoulis, E.; Stewart-Jones, T.; Ghassemi, E.; Pir, T.
2020Reduced Surfactant Contributes to Increased Lung Stiffness Induced by Rapid Inspiratory FlowBersten, A.D.; Krupa, M.; Griggs, K.; Dixon, D.L.
2023Schools, religion, and affect: unpacking Australian educator discomfortMemon, N.; Schulz, S.; Kelly, S.; Chown, D.
2023Show Me What You Mean: Inclusive Augmented Typography for Students with DyslexiaTaljaard, D.; Thiessen, M.
2022Sound directivity from a 250kW gas turbine exhaust systemCazzolato, B.; Leav, O.; Howard, C.; Kessissoglou, N.; Buret, M.; Australian Acoustical Society: Acoustics (AAS) (21 Feb 2022 - 23 Feb 2022 : Wollongong, Vic, Australia)