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2022Sediment microbial ecology and methane dynamics during resuspension events in a hypersaline coastal lagoonKeneally, C.; Southgate, M.; Chilton, D.; Dornan, T.; Brookes, J.; Congress of the International Society for Limnology (SIL) (7 Aug 2022 - 10 Aug 2022 : Berlin, Germany)
2023Stuttering associated with a pathogenic variant in the chaperone protein cyclophilin 40Morgan, A.T.; Scerri, T.S.; Vogel, A.P.; Reid, C.A.; Quach, M.; Jackson, V.E.; McKenzie, C.; Burrows, E.L.; Bennett, M.F.; Turner, S.J.; Reilly, S.; Horton, S.E.; Block, S.; Kefalianos, E.; Frigerio-Domingues, C.; Sainz, E.; Rigbye, K.A.; Featherby, T.J.; Richards, K.L.; Kueh, A.; et al.
2023Supporting gut health with medicinal cannabis in people with advanced cancer: potential benefits and challengesWardill, H.R.; Wooley, L.T.; Bellas, O.M.; Cao, K.; Cross, C.B.; van Dyk, M.; Kichenadasse, G.; Bowen, J.M.; Zannettino, A.C.W.; Shakib, S.; Crawford, G.B.; Boublik, J.; Davis, M.M.; Smid, S.D.; Price, T.J.
2019Teaching Music with Mathematics: A Pilot StudyMilne, A.J.; Calilhanna, A.M.; Montiel, M.; GomezMartin, F.; AgustinAquino, O.A.; 7th Biennial International Conference for Mathematics and Computation in Music (MCM) (18 Jun 2019 - 21 Jun 2019 : Univ Politecnica Madrid, Escuela Tecnica Super Ingn Sistemas Informaticos, Madrid, SPAIN)
2020The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Management of Locally Advanced Primary/Recurrent Rectal CancerChok, A.Y.; Kontovounisios, C.; Rasheed, S.; Kelly, M.E.; Agj, A.; Abdul Aziz, N.; Abecasis, N.; Abraham-Nordling, M.; Akiyoshi, T.; Alberda, W.; Albert, M.; Andric, M.; Angenete, E.; Antoniou, A.; Auer, R.; Austin, K.K.; Aziz, O.; Baker, R.P.; Bali, M.; Baseckas, G.; et al.
2023Use of catch and effort data to monitor trends in economic performance in fisheriesPascoe, S.; Curtotti, R.; Hoshino, E.; McWhinnie, S.; Schrobback, P.; Prellezo, R.
2023Visions of the AfterlifeHooton, M.; Hagenus, G.
2024'What's in a name', a systematic review of the pterional craniotomy for aneurysm surgery and its many modifications with a proposal for simplified nomenclature.Candy, N.G.; Van Der Veken, J.; Van Velthoven, V.
2023Will the increased use of ring lights during the coronavirus pandemic lead to a growing burden of macular degeneration?Stanhope, J.; Weinstein, P.
2018Written inside a hatWhittington, S.C.