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Type: Text
Title: Series 5, 2 - Record of service for the aborigines of Central Australia... ms. 14p.
Author: Bates, Daisy
Issue Date: 13-Mar-2015
Abstract: This article begins as Daisy Bates’ record of service for the Aborigines of Central Australia but digresses to become a discussion of the people who came to her Eucla camp in 1912-14 and the connections of the Bibbulmun to Theban Egypt and of their languages to those of the Dravidian people of India. DMB goes on to discuss her work at the Catholic Trappist Mission at Beagle Bay in 1900 with Bishop Gibney and Dean Martelli and the movements and customs of the Aborigines living nearby. The people had never dared to cross the Nullarbor Plain for fear of Ganba the snake spirit, but they were taken across in a camel buggy by a benevolent white man, Chichester Beadon.
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