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Type: Text
Title: Series 5, 9 - Weld written on 13 pieces of used envelopes - concerns Wilgee Mine; and clipping on Weld Range with ms. notes.
Author: Bates, Daisy
Issue Date: 13-Mar-2015
Abstract: D.M.B. writes in 1909 of being taken by the last living aboriginal owner to receive his legacy of the iron hills and haematite/ochre mine in the Weld Range (W.A.) near Cue. He tells her all the legends and magic of the area within his memory, they pass the stones said to be the ancestor guardian of the mine without incident and descend through a small opening into the dark mine, where they crawl through to another opening into daylight. In this process, both become covered with ochre “from hat to heel” and he passes ownership of these hills to her when he dies.
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