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2023Linking and Comparison of the Damping of Fluid Transients and Frequency Response Diagram Methods for Pipe Leak and Burst Detection and LocalizationDu, X.-X.; Lambert, M.F.; Chen, L.; Jing Hu, E.
2023Micromechanically inspired investigation of cemented granular materials: part II - from experiments to modelling and backTengattini, A.; Nguyen, G.D.; Viggiani, G.; Einav, I.
2023Reconstructing Extended Irregular Anomalies in Pipelines Using Layer-Peeling with OptimizationZeng, W.; Gong, J.; Zecchin, A.C.; Lambert, M.F.; Cazzolato, B.S.; Simpson, A.R.
2023A convolutional neural network for pipe crack and leak detection in smart water networkZhang, C.; Alexander, B.J.; Stephens, M.L.; Lambert, M.F.; Gong, J.
2023Frequency selection and time shifting for maximizing the performance of low-frequency guided wave mixingZhu, H.; Ng, C.T.; Kotousov, A.
2023Mixing of Non-Collinear Lamb Wave Pulses in Plates with Material NonlinearityPineda Allen, J.C.; Ng, C.T.
2022Axial compressive behaviour of circular FRP-confined multi-tube concrete columnsSirach, N.; Smith, S.T.; Yu, T.; Mostafa, A.
2022DEM modelling of unsaturated seepage flows through porous mediaTran, K.M.; Bui, H.H.; Nguyen, G.D.
2022In-situ testing of the shear strength of masonry joints – proposal for a new simplified testing approach and comparison to existing techniquesBurton, C.; Vaculik, J.; Griffith, M.C.; Visintin, P.
2022Intermittent swelling and shrinkage of a highly expansive soil treated with polyacrylamideSoltani, A.; Deng, A.; Taheri, A.; O’Kelly, B.C.
2022Reconstructing climate trends adds skills to seasonal reference crop evapotranspiration forecastingYang, Q.; Wang, Q.J.; Western, A.W.; Wu, W.; Shao, Y.; Hakala, K.
2022The effect of specimen size on autogenous and total shrinkage of ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC)Sun, M.; Visintin, P.; Bennett, T.
2022A combined numerical-experimental approach to analyzing fracture initiation and development in brittle rocksKumar Verma, R.; Nguyen, G.D.; Karakus, M.; Taheri, A.; Bui, H.H.
2022A hybrid deterministic-probabilistic approach for the characteristic crack widths and crack spacings in reinforced concrete tension and flexural membersSturm, A.B.; Visintin, P.; Bennett, B.
2022High-quality probabilistic predictions for existing hydrological models with common objective functionsThyer, M.; Hunter, J.; McInerney, D.; Kavetski, D.; EGU General Assembly 2022 (23 May 2022 - 27 May 2022 : Vienna, Austria & Online)
2022The use of fractal theory and soil index properties to infer the soil water retention curve for low and high plasticity claysDesa, S.; Scott, B.
2022Internal damages detection for structural timber members using low-frequency anti-symmetric guided waveWu, J.; Ng, C.T.; Fang, H.
2022Dataset on plastic and early-age shrinkage of ultra-high performance concrete with corresponding chemical shrinkage, temperature, relative humidity, reaction degree and material properties changesSun, M.; Bennett, T.; Visintin, P.
2022An IUWM incorporated model to improve water supply reliability in intermittent and no service areasMohapatra, S.S.; Wu, W.; Tiwari, M.K.; Arora, M.
2022Modeling and Control of Pipeline Networks Supplied by Automated Irrigation ChannelsMavkov, B.; Strecker, T.; Zecchin, A.C.; Cantoni, M.