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2014Impacts of climate change on surface water in the Onkaparinga catchment - Final report volume 2: hydrological evaluation of the CMIP3 and CMIP5 GCMs and the Non-homogenous Hidden Markov Model (NHMM)Westra, S.P.; Thyer, M.; Leonard, M.; Lambert, M.; Goyder Institute for Water Research
2016Comparison of pumping regimes for water distribution systems to minimize cost and greenhouse gasesBlinco, L.; Simpson, A.; Lambert, M.; Marchi, A.
2014An efficient causative event-based approach for deriving the annual flood frequency distributionLi, J.; Thyer, M.; Lambert, M.; Kuczera, G.; Metcalfe, A.
2014Genetic algorithm optimization of operational costs and greenhouse gas emissions for water distribution systemsBlinco, L.; Simpson, A.; Lambert, M.; Auricht, C.; Hurr, N.; Tiggemann, S.; Marchi, A.; Giustolisi, G.; Brunone, B.; Laucelli, D.; Berardi, L.; Campisano, A.; 16th Water Distribution System Analysis Conference, WDSA 2014 (14 Jul 2014 - 17 Jul 2014 : Bari, Italy)
2013Framework for assessing and improving the performance of recursive digital filters for baseflow estimation with application to the Lyne and Hollick filterLi, L.; Maier, H.; Lambert, M.; Simmons, C.; Partington, D.
2014A compound event framework for understanding extreme impactsLeonard, M.; Westra, S.; Phatak, A.; Lambert, M.; Van Den Hurk, B.; McInnes, K.; Risbey, J.; Schuster, S.; Jakob, D.; Stafford-Smith, M.
2014Understanding and predicting household water use for AdelaideArbon, N.; Thyer, M.A.; Darla Hatton McDonald; Beverley, K.; Lambert, M.; Goyder Institute for Water Research
2010Frequency-domain modeling of transients in pipe networks with compound nodes using a Laplace-domain admittance matrixZecchin, A.; Lambert, M.; Simpson, A.; White, L.
2011Head- and flow-based formulations for frequency domain analysis of fluid transients in arbitrary pipe networksVitkovsky, J.; Lee, P.; Zecchin, A.; Simpson, A.; Lambert, M.
2010Generating synthetic high resolution rainfall time series at sites with only daily rainfall using a master-target scaling approachJennings, S.; Lambert, M.; Kuczera, G.