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2018A comprehensive framework to evaluate hydraulic and water quality impacts of pipe breaks on water distribution systemsQi, Z.; Zheng, F.; Guo, D.; Zhang, T.; Shao, Y.; Yu, T.; Zhang, K.; Maier, H.
2016Framework for computationally efficient optimal crop and water allocation using ant colony optimizationNguyen, D.; Maier, H.; Dandy, G.; Ascough, J.
2018Multi-objective optimisation framework for calibration of Cellular Automata land-use modelsNewland, C.; Maier, H.; Zecchin, A.; Newman, J.; van Delden, H.
2014Integrated framework for assessing urban water supply security of systems with non-traditional sources under climate changePaton, F.; Dandy, G.; Maier, H.
2017Optimization of irrigation scheduling using ant colony algorithms and an advanced cropping system modelNguyen, D.; Ascough, J.; Maier, H.; Dandy, G.; Andales, A.
2018Empirically derived method and software for semi-automatic calibration of Cellular Automata land-use modelsNewland, C.; Zecchin, A.; Maier, H.; Newman, J.; van Delden, H.
2018Framework for developing hybrid process-driven, artificial neural network and regression models for salinity prediction in river systemsHunter, J.; Maier, H.; Gibbs, M.; Foale, E.; Grosvenor, N.; Harders, N.; Kikuchi-Miller, T.
2005Water distribution system optimization using metamodelsBroad, D.; Dandy, G.; Maier, H.
2016Integrated approach for optimizing the design of aquifer storage and recovery stormwater harvesting schemes accounting for externalities and climate changeMarchi, A.; Dandy, G.; Maier, H.
2006Distance-based and stochastic uncertainty analysis for multi-criteria decision analysis in Excel using Visual Basic for ApplicationsHyde, K.; Maier, H.