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2022An interfacial damage-plastic model for the simulation of masonry structures under monotonic and cyclic loadingsNie, Y.; Sheikh, A.; Visintin, P.; Griffith, M.
2022Plastic and early-age shrinkage of ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC): Experimental study of the effect of water to binder ratios, silica fume dosages under controlled curing conditionsSun, M.; Bennett, T.; Visintin, P.
2018Evaluation of tension-stiffening, crack spacing and crack width of geopolymer concretesAlbitar, M.; Mohamed Ali, M.; Visintin, P.
2014Short-term partial-interaction behavior of RC beams with prestressed FRP and steelKnight, D.; Visintin, P.; Oehlers, D.; Mohamed Sadakkathulla, M.
2022Dataset on plastic and early-age shrinkage of ultra-high performance concrete with corresponding chemical shrinkage, temperature, relative humidity, reaction degree and material properties changesSun, M.; Bennett, T.; Visintin, P.
2022In-situ testing of the shear strength of masonry joints – proposal for a new simplified testing approach and comparison to existing techniquesBurton, C.; Vaculik, J.; Griffith, M.C.; Visintin, P.
2022A damage-plasticity based interface model for simulating in-plane/out-of-plane response of masonry structural panelsNie, Y.; Sheikh, A.; Griffith, M.; Visintin, P.
2022The effect of specimen size on autogenous and total shrinkage of ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC)Sun, M.; Visintin, P.; Bennett, T.
2021Laboratory investigation of pull-out capacity of chemical anchors in individual new and vintage masonry units under quasi-static, cyclic and impact loadBurton, C.; Visintin, P.; Griffith, M.; Vaculik, J.
2018Laboratory testing of strengthened cavity unreinforced masonry wallsDerakhshan, H.; Lucas, W.; Visintin, P.; Griffith, M.