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2020Environmental durability of FRP bar-to-concrete bond: critical reviewGravina, R.J.; Li, J.; Smith, S.T.; Visintin, P.
2020Durability of near-surface-mounted FRP-to-clay brick masonry retrofits under environmental exposureVaculik, J.; Visintin, P.; Lucas, W.; Griffith, M.C.
2020Flexural performance of pretensioned ultra-high performance fibre reinforced concrete beams with CFRP tendonsSturm, A.B.; Visintin, P.; Seracino, R.; Lucier, G.W.; Oehlers, D.J.
2022An interfacial damage-plastic model for the simulation of masonry structures under monotonic and cyclic loadingsNie, Y.; Sheikh, A.; Visintin, P.; Griffith, M.
2022Plastic and early-age shrinkage of ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC): Experimental study of the effect of water to binder ratios, silica fume dosages under controlled curing conditionsSun, M.; Bennett, T.; Visintin, P.
2022Fatigue bond-slip properties of steel reinforcing bars embedded in UHPFRC: Extraction and development of an accumulated damage lawSepulveda, B.D.G.; Visintin, P.; Oehlers, D.J.
2022An experimental investigation on tensile behaviour of corroded ultra-high-performance concreteBashar, I.I.; Visintin, P.; Sheikh, A.H.
2023Pre- and post-yield bond, tension-stiffening, and cracking in ultra-high performance fiber reinforced concreteSturm, A.B.; Visintin, P.
2023Pull-Out Creep of Hooked-End Fibre Embedded in Ultra-High-Performance ConcreteBashar, I.I.; Sturm, A.B.; Visintin, P.; Sheikh, A.H.
2023Experimental and theoretical analysis of cracking and tension stiffening in UHPFRC under high-cycle fatigueSepulveda, B.D.G.; Visintin, P.; Sturm, A.B.; Oehlers, D.J.