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Type: Journal article
Title: Effects of oral fructose and glucose on plasma GLP-1 and appetite in normal subjects
Author: Kong, M.
Chapman, I.
Goble, E.
Wishart, J.
Wittert, G.
Morris, H.
Horowitz, M.
Citation: Peptides, 1999; 20(-):545-551
Issue Date: 1999
ISSN: 0196-9781
Abstract: Oral glucose is a potent stimulant of glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) secretion. The effect of oral fructose on GLP-1 secretion in humans is unknown. The aims of this study were to determine (i) whether oral fructose stimulates GLP-1 secretion and (ii) the comparative effects of oral glucose and fructose on appetite. On 3 separate days, 8 fasting healthy males received, in single-blind randomized order (i) 75 g glucose, (ii) 75 fructose, or (iii) 75 g glucose followed by 75 g fructose I h later. Venous glucose, insulin and GLP-1 were measured. Appetite was assessed by visual analog questionnaires and intake of a buffet meal. Whereas glucose and fructose both increased plasma glucose, insulin and GLP-1 (P < 0.000)] for all), the response to glucose was much greater (P < 0.005 for all). There was no increase in plasma GLP-1 when fructose was given after glucose. There was no difference in food intake after oral glucose or fructose. We conclude that oral fructose (75 g) stimulates GLP-1 (and insulin) secretion, but the response is less than that to 75 g glucose. These observations suggest that neither GLP-1 nor insulin play a major role in the regulation of satiation.
Keywords: Humans; Glucagon; Insulin; Dietary Carbohydrates; Fructose; Glucose; Blood Glucose; Peptide Fragments; Protein Precursors; Hunger; Appetite; Satiety Response; Adult; Male; Glucagon-Like Peptide 1
RMID: 0030004769
DOI: 10.1016/S0196-9781(99)00006-6
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