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2016Dynamic learning from neural control for strict-feedback systems with guaranteed predefined performanceWang, M.; Wang, C.; Shi, P.; Liu, X.
2017A new design of H-infinity piecewise filtering for discrete-time nonlinear time-varying delay systems via T-S Fuzzy affine modelsWei, Y.; Qiu, J.; Shi, P.; Lam, H.
2017Distributed hybrid particle/FIR filtering for mitigating NLOS effects in TOA-based localization using wireless sensor networksPak, J.; Ahn, C.; Shi, P.; Shmaliy, Y.; Lim, M.
2017Fixed-order piecewise-affine output feedback controller for fuzzy-affine-model-based nonlinear systems with time-varying delayWei, Y.; Qiu, J.; Shi, P.; Chadli, M.
2017Optimal estimation and control for lossy network: stability, convergence, and performanceLin, H.; Su, H.; Shi, P.; Shu, Z.; Lu, R.; Wu, Z.
2018A piecewise-Markovian Lyapunov approach to reliable output feedback control for fuzzy-affine systems with time-delays and actuator faultsWei, Y.; Qiu, J.; Shi, P.; Wu, L.
2018Asynchronous filtering for Markov jump neural networks with quantized outputsShen, Y.; Wu, Z.; Shi, P.; Su, H.; Huang, T.
2018Synchronization of general chaotic neural networks with nonuniform sampling and packet missing: a switched system approachLu, R.; Shi, P.; Su, H.; Wu, Z.; Lu, J.
2018Sampled-data synchronization of complex networks with partial couplings and T-S fuzzy nodesWu, Y.; Lu, R.; Shi, P.; Su, H.; Wu, Z.
2018Necessary and sufficient conditions of observer-based stabilization for a class of fractional-order descriptor systemsLin, C.; Chen, B.; Shi, P.; Yu, J.