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2018Dual-polarized highly sensitive plasmonic sensor in the visible to near-IR spectrumIslam, M.; Sultana, J.; Rifat, A.; Ahmed, R.; Dinovitser, A.; Ng, B.; Ebendorff-Heidepriem, H.; Abbott, D.
2018Anatomy of impactites and shocked zircon grains from Dhala reveals Paleoproterozoic meteorite impact in the Archean basement rocks of Central IndiaLi, S.; Keerthy, S.; Santosh, M.; Singh, S.; Deering, C.; Satyanarayanan, M.; Praveen, M.; Aneeshkumar, V.; Indu, G.; Anilkumar, Y.; Sajinkumar, K.
2018Terahertz multi-beam antenna using photonic crystal waveguide and Luneburg lensHeadland, D.; Withayachumnankul, W.; Yamada, R.; Fujita, M.; Nagatsuma, T.
2014Economic rationalisation of health behaviours: the dangers of attempting policy discussions in a vacuumReilly, R.; Rowley, K.; Luke, J.; Doyle, J.; Ritte, R.; O'Shea, R.; Brown, A.
2015The impact of reduced conductivity on the performance of wire antennasShahpari, M.; Thiel, D.
2017The malleable character of brokerage and crime control: a study of policing, security and network entrepreneurialism on Melbourne’s waterfrontBrewer, R.
2006Forecasting cyanobacteria with Bayesian and deterministic artificial neural networksKingston, G.B.; Maier, H.; Lambert, M.; International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (2006 : Vancouver, Canada)
2018The low-temperature thermo-tectonic evolution of the western Tian Shan, UzbekistanJepson, G.; Glorie, S.; Konopelko, D.; Mirkamalov, R.; Danisik, M.; Collins, A.
2018Interactions between cardiac resynchronisation therapy and amelioration of peripheral vascular dysfunction: impact upon outcomesAjaero, Chukwudiebube Nnanna
2018Comprehensive study of the clinical phenotype of germline BAP1 variant-carrying families worldwideWalpole, S.; Pritchard, A.; Cebulla, C.; Pilarski, R.; Stautberg, M.; Davidorf, F.; de la Fouchardière, A.; Cabaret, O.; Golmard, L.; Stoppa-Lyonnet, D.; Garfield, E.; Njauw, C.; Cheung, M.; Turunen, J.; Repo, P.; Järvinen, R.; van Doorn, R.; Jager, M.; Luyten, G.; Marinkovic, M.; et al.