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2011Prediction of success of external cephalic version after 36 weeksKok, M.; van der Steeg, J.; van der Post, J.; Mol, B.
2010Aspirin plus Heparin or Aspirin alone in women with recurrent miscarriageKaandorp, S.; Goddijn, M.; van der Post, J.; Hutten, B.; Verhoeve, H.; Hamulyak, K.; Mol, B.; Folkeringa, N.; Nahuis, M.; Papatsonis, D.; Buller, H.; van der Veen, F.; Middeldorp, S.
2008Methods of prediction and prevention of pre-eclampsia: systematic reviews of accuracy and effectiveness literature with economic modellingMeads, C.; Cnossen, J.; Meher, S.; Juarez-Garcia, A.; ter Riet, G.; Duley, L.; Roberts, T.; Mol, B.; van der Post, J.; Leeflang, M.; Barton, P.; Hyde, C.; Gupta, J.; Kahn, K.
2013The Bishop score as a predictor of labor induction success: a systematic reviewKolkman, D.; Verhoeven, C.; Brinkhorst, S.; van der Post, J.; Pajkrt, E.; Opmeer, B.; Mol, B.
2009Indicators for intervention during the expulsive second-stage arrest of labourLeushuis, E.; Tromp, M.; Ravelli, A.; van Huis, A.; Mol, B.; Visser, G.; van der Post, J.
2008Expectant parents' preferences for mode of delivery and trade-offs of outcomes for breech presentationKok, M.; Gravendeel, L.; Opmeer, B.; van der Post, J.; Mol, B.
2012Is short first-trimester crown-rump length associated with spontaneous preterm birth?Kazemier, B.; Kleinrouweler, C.; Oudijk, M.; van der Post, J.; Mol, B.; Vis, J.; Pajkrt, E.
2009Are tests for predicting pre-eclampsia good enough to make screening viable? A review of reviews and critical appraisalCnossen, J.; ter Riet, G.; Mol, B.; van der Post, J.; Leeflang, M.; Meads, C.; Hyde, C.; Khan, K.
2011Recurrence risk and prediction of a delivery under 34 weeks of gestation after a history of a severe hypertensive disorderLangenveld, J.; Buttinger, A.; van der Post, J.; Wolf, H.; Mol, B.; Ganzevoort, W.
2011Maternal health-related quality of life after induction of labor or expectant monitoring in pregnancy complicated by intrauterine growth retardation beyond 36 weeksBijlenga, D.; Boers, K.; Birnie, E.; Mol, B.; Vijgen, S.; van der Post, J.; de Groot, C.; Rijnders, R.; Pernet, P.; Roumen, F.; Stigter, R.; Delemarre, F.; Bremer, H.; Porath, M.; Scherjon, S.; Bonsel, G.