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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Ectopic pregnancy and pelvic inflammatory disease: a renewed epidemic?Mol, F.; van Mello, N.; Mol, B.; van der Veen, F.; Ankum, W.; Hajenius, P.
2010Aspirin plus Heparin or Aspirin alone in women with recurrent miscarriageKaandorp, S.; Goddijn, M.; van der Post, J.; Hutten, B.; Verhoeve, H.; Hamulyak, K.; Mol, B.; Folkeringa, N.; Nahuis, M.; Papatsonis, D.; Buller, H.; van der Veen, F.; Middeldorp, S.
2010Individual patient data meta-analysis: a promising approach for evidence synthesis in reproductive medicineBroeze, K.; Opmeer, B.; van der Veen, F.; Bossuyt, P.; Bhattacharya, S.; Mol, B.
2010Artificial insemination: intrauterine inseminationSteures, P.; Mol, B.; van der Veen, F.
2010Time to pregnancy after a previous miscarriage in subfertile couplesCox, T.; van der Steeg, J.; Steures, P.; Hompes, P.; van der Veen, F.; Eijkemans, M.; Schagen van Leeuwen, J.; Renckens, C.; Bossuyt, P.; Mol, B.
2010Reproducibility and reliability of repeated semen analyses in male partners of subfertile couplesLeushuis, E.; van der Steeg, J.; Steures, P.; Repping, S.; Bossuyt, P.; Blankenstein, M.; Mol, B.; van der Veen, F.; Hompes, P.
2010Consecutive or non-consecutive recurrent miscarriage: is there any difference in carrier status?van den Boogaard, E.; Kaandorp, S.; Franssen, M.; Mol, B.; Leschot, N.; Wouters, C.; van der Veen, F.; Korevaar, J.; Goddijn, M.
2010Salpingotomy or salpingectomy in tubal ectopic pregnancy: what do women prefer?van Mello, N.; Mol, F.; Opmeer, B.; de Bekker-Grob, E.; Essink-Bot, M.; Ankum, W.; Mol, B.; van der Veen, F.; Hajenius, P.