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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Robust fuzzy decentralized control for nonlinear large-scale systems with parametric uncertaintiesTong, S.; Shi, P.; Al-Madfai, H.
2008New bounded real lemma for discrete-time singular systemsZhang, G.; Xia, Y.; Shi, P.
2008Nedd4 controls animal growth by regulating IGF-1 signalingCao, X.; Lill, N.; Boase, N.; Shi, P.; Croucher, D.; Shan, H.; Qu, J.; Sweezer, E.; Place, T.; Kirby, P.; Daly, R.; Kumar, S.; Yang, B.
2008Model reduction for switched linear parameter varying systems with average dwell timeZhang, L.; Shi, P.; Basin, M.; 2008 American Control Conference (ACC) (11 Jun 2008 - 13 Jun 2008 : Seattle, WA)
2008Optimal state filtering and parameter identification for linear time-delay systemsBasin, M.; Shi, P.; Calderon-Alvarez, D.; 2008 American Control Conference (ACC) (11 Jun 2008 - 13 Jun 2008 : Seattle, WA)
2008An input delay approach to digital control of suspension systemsSun, W.; Gao, H.; Shi, P.; Chinese Control and Decision Conference (2008 : Yantai, Shandong)
2008Adaptive fuzzy tracking control for a class of perturbed strict-feedback nonlinear time-delay systemsWang, M.; Chen, B.; Liu, X.; Shi, P.
2008Exponential H∞ filtering for uncertain discrete-time switched linear systems with average dwell time: A µ-dependent approachZhang, L.; Boukas, E.K.; Shi, P.
2008Exponential stability analysis for neural networks with time-varying delayWu, M.; Liu, F.; Shi, P.; He, Y.; Yokoyama, R.
2008Guaranteed cost and positive real control of uncertain systems via static output feedbackXia, Y.; Chen, J.; Shi, P.; Liu, G.P.; Rees, D.