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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Non-perturbative Chiral Corrections for Lattice QCDThomas, A.; Leinweber, D.; Lu, D.; International Symposium on Nuclear Electro-Weak Spectroscopy for Symmetries in Electro-Weak Nuclear-Processes (1999 : Osaka, Japan)
2007The Free Electron Laser at Jefferson Lab: The technology and the scienceThomas, A.; Williams, G.
2013Production of the H dibaryon via the (K⁻,K⁺) reaction on a ¹²C targetShyam, R.; Scholten, O.; Thomas, A.
2012Non-perturbative aspects of hadron structure in QCDThomas, A.; International Conference of Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics (10th : 2012 : Kos, Greece)
2009Dark matter, constrained minimal supersymmetric standard model, and lattice QCDGiedt, J.; Thomas, A.; Young, R.
2013Sigma terms from an SU(3) chiral extrapolationShanahan, P.; Thomas, A.; Young, R.
2007Phase transition from hadronic matter to quark matterWang, P.; Thomas, A.; Williams, A.
2013Sucrose malabsorption and impaired mucosal integrity in enterally fed critically ill patients: a prospective cohort observational studyBurgstad, C.; Besanko, L.; Deane, A.; Nguyen, Q.; Saadat-Gilani, K.; Davidson, G.; Burt, E.; Thomas, A.; Holloway, R.; Chapman, M.; Fraser, R.
2000Incorporating chiral symmetry and heavy quark theory in extrapolations of octet baryon charge radiiHackettJones, E.; Leinweber, D.; Thomas, A.
2007Cold uniform matter and neutron stars in the quark-meson-coupling modelRikovska Stone, J.; Guichon, P.; Matevosyan, H.; Thomas, A.