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2010Dynamic behaviour of transporting liquid under impulse loadingMohammad, R.; Kotooussov, A.; Codrington, J.; Australasian Congress on Applied Mechanics (6th : 2010 : Perth, Western Australia)
2017Dynamic characterisation of functionally graded imperfect Kirchhoff microplatesGhayesh, M.; Farokhi, H.; Gholipour, A.; Tavallaeinejad, M.
2014Dynamic model for the optimisation of adsorption-based desalination processesWu, J.; Biggs, M.; Hu, E.
2010Dynamic modeling and simulation of a solar direct steam-generating systemYan, Q.; Hu, E.; Yang, Y.; Zhai, R.
2013Dynamic modeling of the coproduction of liquid fuels and electricity from a hybrid solar gasifier with various fuel blendsKaniyal, A.; van Eyk, P.; Nathan, G.
2012Dynamic modeling of underwater manipulator and its simulationLi, R.; Anvar, A.; Anvar, A.; Lu, T.
2013Dynamic modelling of 3D stockpile for life-cycle management through sparse range point cloudsZhao, S.; Lu, T.; Koch, B.; Hurdsman, A.
2012Dynamic modelling of an activated carbon-methanol adsorption refrigeration tube with considerations of interfacial convection and transient pressure processZhao, Y.; Hu, E.; Blazewicz, A.
2016Dynamic stability in parametric resonance of axially excited Timoshenko microbeamsFarokhi, H.; Ghayesh, M.; Hussain, S.
2019Dynamic stall flow structure and forces on symmetrical airfoils at high angles of attack and rotation ratesLeknys, R.; Arjomandi, M.; Kelso, R.; Birzer, C.
2013Dynamic tensile behaviour of TWIP steel under intermediate strain rate loadingXu, S.; Ruan, D.; Beynon, J.; Rong, Y.
2018Dynamic- and post-stall characteristics of pitching airfoils at extreme conditionsLeknys, R.; Arjomandi, M.; Kelso, R.; Birzer, C.
2019Dynamical analysis of multilayered cantileversGhayesh, M.
2004Dynamics of a piecewise linear system subjected to a saturation constraintJi, Jin-Chen
2007Dynamics of A2 finger pulley ruptureTan, M.; Fuss, F.; Niegl, G.
2017Dynamics of functionally graded micro-cantileversFarokhi, H.; Ghayesh, M.; Gholipour, A.
2018Dynamics of functionally graded viscoelastic microbeamsGhayesh, M.
2006Dynamics of Speed ClimbingFuss, F.; Niegl, G.
2006Dynamics of two delay coupled van der Pol oscillatorsLi, X.; Ji, J.; Hansen, C.
2014Dynamics, OH distributions and UV emission of a gliding arc at various flow-rates investigated by optical measurementsZhu, J.; Sun, Z.; Li, Z.; Ehn, A.; Alden, M.; Salewski, M.; Leipold, F.; Kusano, Y.