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2010Determinants of resilience to cigarette smoking among young Australians at risk: an exploratory studyColgan, Y.; Turnbull, D.; Mikocka-Walus, A.; Delfabbro, P.
2018Implementing primary health care policy under changing global political conditions: lessons learned from 4 national settingsVan Weel, C.; Turnbull, D.; Bazemore, A.; Graham, R.; Garcia-PenĂ£, C.; Roland, M.; Glazier, R.; Phillips, R.; Goodyear-Smith, F.
2007Interactive experience in a public contextBilda, Z.; Edmonds, E.; Turnbull, D.; Creativity and Cognition: Proceedings of the ACM SIGCHI (6th : 2007 : Washington, DC)
2005Computer-assisted group therapy for the treatment of depression and anxiety in general practiceMitchell, J.; Howell, C.; Turnbull, D.; Murphy, M.
2006Career preferences of new medical students at four Australian universities: rural family medicine versus the restWright, B.; Scott, I.; Powis, D.; Woloschuk, W.; Henry, R.; Turnbull, D.; Ryan, G.
2019A longitudinal investigation of Western Australian families impacted by parental cancer with adolescent and young adult offspringMorris, J.; Zajac, I.; Turnbull, D.; Preen, D.; Patterson, P.; Martini, A.
2009Demographic associations with stage of readiness to screen for colorectal cancerDuncan, A.; Wilson, C.; Cole, S.; Mikocka-Walus, A.; Turnbull, D.; Young, G.
2012A grounded theory approach to understand the cancer-coping processKnott, V.; Turnbull, D.; Olver, I.; Winefield, A.
2013Psychosocial service use: a qualitative exploration from the perspective of rural Australian cancer patientsGunn, K.; Turnbull, D.; McWha, J.; Davies, M.; Olver, I.
2012Validation of an instrument for measuring barriers to type two diabetes regimen adherenceJones, L.; Crabb, S.; Turnbull, D.; Oxlad, M.; International Congress of Behavioral Medicine (ICBM) (29 Aug 2012 - 01 Sep 2012 : Budapest, Hungary)