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2007Recent changes in heart failure hospitalisations in AustraliaNajafi, F.; Dobson, A.; Jamrozik, K.
2008Trends in incidence and outcome of stroke in Perth, Western Australia during 1989 to 2001: The Perth Community Stroke StudyIslam, S.; Anderson, C.; Hankey, G.; Hardie, K.; Carter, K.; Broadhurst, R.; Jamrozik, K.
2005Increased use of emergency services by older people after health screeningWalker, L.; Jamrozik, K.; Wingfield, D.; Lawley, G.
2006A comparison of the effect of high- and low-dose fentanyl on the incidence of postoperative cognitive dysfunction after coronary artery bypass surgery in the elderlySilbert, B.; Scott, D.; Evered, L.; Lewis, M.; Kalpokas, M.; Maruff, P.; Myles, P.; Jamrozik, K.
2006Successful mental health aging: Results from a longitudinal study of older Australian menAlmeida, O.; Norman, P.; Hankey, G.; Jamrozik, K.; Flicker, L.
2004Population based randomised controlled trial on impact of screening on mortality from abdominal aortic aneurysmNorman, P.; Jamrozik, K.; Lawrence-Brown, M.; Le, M.; Spencer, C.; Tuohy, R.; Parsons, R.; Dickinson, J.
2006Legislative and regulatory measures for preventing alcohol-related drownings and near-drowningsDiplock, S.; Jamrozik, K.
2007Association of maternal smoking and alcohol consumption with young adults' cannabis use: A prospective studyHayatbakhsh, M.; Alati, R.; Hutchinson, D.; Jamrozik, K.; Najman, J.; Mamun, A.; O'Callaghan, M.
2005Effectiveness of screening for risk of medical emergencies in the elderlyWalker, L.; Jamrozik, K.
2004Is screening for abdominal aortic aneurysm bad for your health and well-being?Spencer, C.; Norman, P.; Jamrozik, K.; Tuohy, R.; Lawrence-Brown, M.