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2003I want to be global': Theorising the gentrifying class as an emergent élite global communityRofe, M. W.
2003Ice, wind and water: late quaternary valley-fills and aeolion dust deposits in arid South AustraliaChor, C.; Nitschke, N.; Williams, M.; CRC LEME Regional Regolith Symposia (2003 : Adelaide, South Australia)
2005Identification of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the community-based forest management programSuh, J.; Emtage, N.
1995Identifying Data Redundancies within the Land Classification Task: A Case study using GIS and Inductive Learning TechniquesEklund, P. W.; Kirkby, Stephen Denis; Salim, A.
2019Identifying ecological red lines in China's Yangtze River Economic Belt: a regional approachXu, X.; Yang, G.; Tan, Y.
2005Identifying typology of households based on the characteristics of their farming land and livelihood systemsSuh, J.; Emtage, N.; ACIAR Smallholder Forestry Project - Improving Financial Returns to Smallholder Tree Farmers in the Philippines. Conference (15-17 Febuary, 2005 : Ormoc City, the Philippines) (15 Feb 2005 : Ormoc City, the Philippines)
2012"If in doubt, count": the role of community-driven enumerations in blocking eviction in Old Fadama, AccraFarouk, B.; Owusu, M.
2000An Illustrated Guide to Common Stream Diatom Species from Temperate AustraliaSonneman, J.; Sincock, A.; Fluin, J.; Reid, M.; Newall, P.; Tibby, J.; Gell, P.
2008Immigrant Settlement Outside of Australia's Capital CitiesHugo, G.
1996Immigrants and public housingHugo, G.
1996Immigration and the Social Contract: the implosion of western societiesSmith, J.
2006Immigration responses to global change in Asia: a reviewHugo, G.
2000Immigration, Settlement and Ethnicity in Post-war Australia: A Selection of the Writing of Charles PriceHugo, G.
2007The impact and management of exotic dune grasses near the mouth of the Murray River South AustraliaHilton, M.; Harvey, N.; James, K.
2013Impact of climate change on disadvantaged groups: Issues and interventionsSevoyan, A.; Hugo, G.; Feist, H.; Tan, G.; McDougall, K.; Tan, Y.; Spoehr, J.
2006The impact of European occupation on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem dynamics in an Australian tropical rain forestHaberle, S.; Tibby, J.; Dimitriadis, S.; Heijnis, H.
2005The impact of European settlement on Bolin Billabong, a Yarra River floodplain lake, Melbourne, AustraliaLeahy, P.; Tibby, J.; Kershaw, A.; Heijnis, H.; Kershaw, J.
2006The impact of exotic dune grass species on foredune development in Australia and New Zealand: a case study of Ammophila arenaria and Thinopyrum junceiformeHilton, M.; Harvey, N.; Hart, A.; James, K.; Arbuckle, C.
2006Impact of extreme rainfall in the central Sudan during 1999 as a partial analogue for reconstructing early Holocene prehistoric environmentsWilliams, M.; Nottage, J.
2007The impact of regulation and salinisation on floodplain lakes: the lower River Murray, AustraliaGell, P.; Tibby, J.; Little, F.; Baldwin, D.; Hancock, G.