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2019Feeling for forgers: character, sympathy and financial crime in London during the late eighteenth centuryMilka, A.
2019"Receptor free" inner filter effect based universal sensors for nitroexplosive picric acid using two polyfluorene derivatives in the solution and solid statesTanwar, A.S.; Patidar, S.; Ahirwar, S.; Dehingia, S.; Iyer, P.K.
2019Supermarkets, television cooking shows and integrated advertising: new approaches to strategic marketing and consumer engagementPhillipov, M.
2019Climate harmsCullity, G.
2019Differentiating responders and non-responders to rTMS treatment for depression after one week using resting EEG connectivity measuresBailey, N.; Hoy, K.; Rogasch, N.; Thomson, R.; McQueen, S.; Elliot, D.; Sullivan, C.; Fulcher, B.; Daskalakis, Z.; Fitzgerald, P.
2019Exceptions in nonderivative valueCullity, G.
2019How farm animal welfare issues are framed in the Australian mediaBuddle, E.; Bray, H.
2019Supermarkets, celebrity chefs and private labels: the ‘alternative’ reframing of processed foodsPhillipov, M.; Kirkwood, K.
2019Introduction: Thinking with media: margins, mainstreams and the media politics of foodPhillipov, M.
2019The ancient quarrel between art and philosophy in contemporary exhibitions of visual artMcMahon, J.
2019Alternative food politics: from the margins to the mainstreamPhillipov, M.; Kirkwood, K.
2019Implication principles in Routley ArithmeticMortensen, C.
2019Chance, determinism, and unsettlednessEagle, A.
2018Autofiction and the law: legal scandals in contemporary French literatureEdwards, N.
2018The importance of equilibrium in Thomas Dekker’s A Worke For Armourers (1609)Bailey, M.
2018Academic persona: the construction of online reputation in the modern academyMarshall, P.; Barbour, K.; Moore, C.
2018ImaginationMcMahon, J.
2018Linguistic Rencontres in Kim Thúy’s MãnEdwards, N.
2018Celebrity chefs, consumption politics and food labelling: Exploring the contradictionsPhillipov, M.; Gale, F.
2018Christopher Marlowe's 'Golden World': Ekphrasis and Sidney's Apology in Part 1 of Tamburlaine the GreatPotter, L.