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2018Genome-wide association study of offspring birth weight in 86 577 women identifies five novel loci and highlights maternal genetic effects that are independent of fetal geneticsBeaumont, R.; Warrington, N.; Cavadino, A.; Tyrrell, J.; Nodzenski, M.; Horikoshi, M.; Geller, F.; Myhre, R.; Richmond, R.; Paternoster, L.; Bradfield, J.; Kreiner-Møller, E.; Huikari, V.; Metrustry, S.; Lunetta, K.; Painter, J.; Hottenga, J.; Allard, C.; Barton, S.; Espinosa, A.; et al.
2017Gut microbial metabolites limit the frequency of autoimmune T cells and protect against type 1 diabetesMariño, E.; Richards, J.; McLeod, K.; Stanley, D.; Yap, Y.; Knight, J.; McKenzie, C.; Kranich, J.; Oliveira, A.; Rossello, F.; Krishnamurthy, B.; Nefzger, C.; Macia, L.; Thorburn, A.; Baxter, A.; Morahan, G.; Wong, L.; Polo, J.; Moore, R.; Lockett, T.; et al.
2014Genome-wide association study of urinary albumin excretion rate in patients with type 1 diabetesSandholm, N.; Forsblom, C.; Mäkinen, V.; McKnight, A.; Österholm, A.; He, B.; Harjutsalo, V.; Lithovius, R.; Gordin, D.; Parkkonen, M.; Saraheimo, M.; Thorn, L.; Tolonen, N.; Wadén, J.; Tuomilehto, J.; Lajer, M.; Ahlqvist, E.; Möllsten, A.; Marcovecchio, M.; Cooper, J.; et al.
2004Proceedings of the Oxygen Homeostasis/Hypoxia MeetingKaufman, B.; Scharf, O.; Arbeit, J.; Ashcroft, M.; Brown, J.; Bruick, R.; Chapman, J.; Evans, S.; Giaccia, A.; Harris, A.; Huang, E.; Johnson, R.; Kaelin Jr., W.; Koch, C.; Maxwell, P.; Mitchell, J.; Neckers, L.; Powis, G.; Rajendran, J.; Semenza, G.; et al.
2017NAD deficiency, congenital malformations, and niacin supplementationShi, H.; Enriquez, A.; Rapadas, M.; Martin, E.; Wang, R.; Moreau, J.; Lim, C.; Szot, J.; Ip, E.; Hughes, J.; Sugimoto, K.; Humphreys, D.; McInerney-Leo, A.; Leo, P.; Maghzal, G.; Halliday, J.; Smith, J.; Colley, A.; Mark, P.; Collins, F.; et al.
2011Efficacy of a low-cost, inactivated whole-cell oral cholera vaccine: results from 3 years of follow-up of a randomized, controlled trialSur, D.; Kanungo, S.; Sah, B.; Manna, B.; Ali, M.; Paisley, A.M.; Niyogi, S.K.; Park, J.K.; Sarkar, B.; Puri, M.K.; Kim, D.R.; Deen, J.L.; Holmgren, J.; Carbis, R.; Rao, R.; Thu Van, N.; Han, S.H.; Attridge, S.; Donner, A.; Ganguly, N.K.; et al.
2009Norovirus Illness Is a Global Problem: Emergence and Spread of Norovirus GII.4 Variants, 2001-2007Siebenga, J.; Vennema, H.; Zheng, D.; Vinje, J.; Lee, B.; Pang, X.; Ho, E.; Lim, W.; Choudekar, A.; Broor, S.; Halperin, T.; Rasool, N.; Hewitt, J.; Greening, G.; Jin, M.; Duan, Z.; Lucero, Y.; O'Ryan, M.; Hoehne, M.; Schreier, E.; et al.
2014Genome-wide DNA methylation patterns in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma reveal epigenetic deregulation of SLIT-ROBO, ITGA2 and MET signalingNones, K.; Waddell, N.; Song, S.; Patch, A.; Miller, D.; Johns, A.; Wu, J.; Kassahn, K.; Wood, D.; Bailey, P.; Fink, L.; Manning, S.; Christ, A.; Nourse, C.; Kazakoff, S.; Taylor, D.; Leonard, C.; Chang, D.; Jones, M.; Thomas, M.; et al.
2012qpure: A tool to estimate tumor cellularity from genome-wide single-nucleotide polymorphism profilesSong, S.; Nones, K.; Miller, D.; Harliwong, I.; Kassahn, K.; Pinese, M.; Pajic, M.; Gill, A.; Johns, A.; Anderson, M.; Holmes, O.; Leonard, C.; Taylor, D.; Wood, S.; Xu, Q.; Newell, F.; Cowley, M.; Wu, J.; Wilson, P.; Fink, L.; et al.
2006Exploration of the genetic architecture of idiopathic generalized epilepsiesHempelmann, A.; Taylor, K.; Heils, A.; Lorenz, S.; Prud'Homme, J.; Nabbout, R.; Dulac, O.; Rudolf, G.; Zara, F.; Bianchi, A.; Robinson, R.; Gardiner, R.; Covanis, A.; Lindhout, D.; Stephani, U.; Elger, C.; Weber, Y.; Lerche, H.; Nurnberg, P.; Kron, K.; et al.