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2011A comparison of the cognitive functioning of cleft lip, cleft lip and palate and cleft palate: A meta-analysisRoberts, R.; Mathias, J.; Wheaton, P.; Annual College of Clinical Neuropsychologists Conference (17th : 2011 : Sydney, Australia)
2008Corpus callosum morphology and intelligenceHutchinson, A.; Jacobson, B.; Ruzik, L.; Mathias, J.; Banich, M.; Cognitive Neuroscience Society Annual Meeting (15th : 2008 : San Francisco, California)
2008The impact of pharmacological treatments on outcome following traumatic brain injury in adults: A meta-analysisWheaton, P.; Mathias, J.; Vink, R.; World Congress of Brain Injury (7th : 2008 : Lisbon, Portugal)
2013Traumatic brain injury research: How comparable are community and orthopaedic-injury control groups?Mathias, J.; Dennington, V.; Bowden, S.; Bigler, E.; International Neuropsychological Society Mid-Year Meeting (2013 : Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
1996Reading disorder in Alzheimer-type dementiaMathias, J.
2011MRI diffusion indices sampled along streamline trajectories: quantitative tractography mappingPannek, K.; Mathias, J.; Rose, S.
2011Voxel-wise histogram analysis of tractography streamline length for assessing brain injuryPannek, K.; Kampf, T.; Mathias, J.; Brown, G.; Taylor, J.; Salvado, O.; Rose, S.; Annual Meeting of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (19th : 2011 : Montreal, Canada)
2011Assessment of cortico-cortical connectivity in the presence of image artifactPannek, K.; Mathias, J.; Brown, G.; Taylor, J.; Rose, S.; Annual Meeting of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (19th : 2011 : Montreal, Canada)
2009Only mass lesions increase intracranial pressure in rats after lateral fluid percussion brain injury and secondary hypoxiaGabrielian, L.; Helps, S.; Mathias, J.; Vink, R.; Joint Symposium of The National and International Neurotrauma Societies (2nd : 2009 : Santa Barbara, California)
2008Validity Indicator Profile performance in persons with chronic fatigue syndromeCockshell, S.; Mathias, J.; College of Clinical Neuropsychologists Annual Conference (14th : 2008 : Glenelg, South Australia)