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Type: Other
Title: Camino Real
Issue Date: 1-Aug-1961
Abstract: The Camino Real is at the frontiers of experience. The sudden movement, the mysterious and savage violence, and the silence cannot at once be comprehended but must be accepted. As in life the moments of beauty, when we are frightened and lonely, are not moments of reality. Reality is the known, the understood. The way still to be travelled. You hesitate. You turn back. And that is the reality. So it is on the Camino Real. It is a play of the decision to be taken in the middle years. The way to be taken. Throw of the idealism, the romanticism of youth. Be realistic. But absolute realism leads...
Keywords: Drama
Description: Scanned from the original held Special Collections, Barr Smith Library
Call number: 792 T3743 TSA/ UaMd 1961.1
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