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1995A positron emission tomography study of cerebral activation associated with essential and writing tremorWills, A.; Jenkins, I.; Thompson, P.; Findley, L.; Brooks, D.
2013Genital powder use and risk of ovarian cancer: a pooled analysis of 8,525 cases and 9,859 controlsTerry, K.; Karageorgi, S.; Shvetsov, Y.; Merritt, M.; Lurie, G.; Thompson, P.; Carney, M.; Weber, R.; Akushevich, L.; Lo-Ciganic, W.; Cushing-Haugen, K.; Sieh, W.; Moysich, K.; Doherty, J.; Nagle, C.; Berchuck, A.; Pearce, C.; Pike, M.; Ness, R.; Webb, P.; et al.
1995Primary orthostatic tremor: causes difficulty in standing stillBritton, T.; Thompson, P.
1998The cause of senile choreaWarren, J.; Thompson, E.; Figuria, F.; Kneebone, C.; Blumbergs, P.; Thompson, P.
1998Hypocalcaemic chorea and malabsorptionWarren, J.; Kimber, T.; Thompson, P.
1998The pathophysiology of primary dystoniaBeradelli, A.; Rothwell, J.; Hallett, M.; Thompson, P.; Manfredi, M.; Marsden, C.
2009Chorea, transverse myelitis, neuropathy and a distinctive MRI: Paraneoplastic manifestations of probable small cell lung cancerKleinig, T.; Thompson, P.; Kneebone, C.
2011FluCAN 2009: initial results from sentinel surveillance for adult influenza and pneumonia in eight Australian hospitalsKelly, P.; Kotsimbos, T.; Reynolds, A.; Wood-Baker, R.; Hancox, B.; Brown, S.; Holmes, M.; Simpson, G.; Bowler, S.; Waterer, G.; Irving, L.; Jenkins, C.; Thompson, P.; Cheng, A.
2009Stroke prevention and stroke thrombolysis: quantifying the potential benefits of best practice therapiesKleinig, T.; Kimber, T.; Thompson, P.
2012Aboriginal to non-Aboriginal differentials in 2-year outcomes following non-fatal first-ever acute MI persist after adjustment for comorbidityKatzenellenbogen, J.; Sanfilippo, F.; Hobbs, M.; Briffa, T.; Ridout, S.; Knuiman, M.; Dimer, L.; Taylor, K.; Thompson, P.; Thompson, S.