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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Receptor activator of nuclear factor-kB ligand expression by human myeloma cells mediates osteoclast formation in vitro and correlates with bone destruction in vivoFarrugia, A.; Atkins, G.; To, L.; Pan, B.; Horvath, N.; Kostakis, P.; Findlay, D.; Bardy, P.; Zannettino, A.
2004The nitrogen-containing bisphosphonate, zoledronic acid, influences RANKL expression in human osteoblast-like cells by activating TNF-alpha converting enzyme (TACE)Pan, B.; Farrugia, A.; To, L.; Findlay, D.; Green, J.; Lynch, K.; Zannettino, A.
2004The nitrogen-containing bisphosphonate, zoledronic acid, increases mineralisation of human bone-derived cells in vitroPan, B.; To, L.; Farrugia, A.; Findlay, D.; Green, J.; Gronthos, S.; Evdokiou, A.; Lynch, K.; Atkins, G.; Zannettino, A.
2003Multiple myeloma-derived pro-inflammatory cytokines enhance osteoclastogenesis by increasing the number of RANKL-expressing STRO-1 positive osteoprogenitor cellsPan, B.; To, L.; Farrugia, A.; Kostakis, P.; Atkins, G.; Findlay, D.; Zannettino, A.
2004Angiogenesis in multiple myeloma: Implications in myeloma therapyMartin, S.; To, L.; Horvath, N.; Zannettino, A.
2009Targeted disruption of the CXCL12/CXCR4 axis inhibits osteolysis in a murine model of myeloma-associated bone lossDiamond, P.; Labrinidis, A.; Martin, S.; Farrugia, A.; Gronthos, S.; To, L.; Fujii, N.; O'Loughlin, P.; Evdokiou, A.; Zannettino, A.
2006Tumor angiogenesis is associated with plasma levels of stromal-derived factor-1α in patients with multiple myelomaMartin, S.; Dewar, A.; Farrugia, A.; Horvath, N.; Gronthos, S.; To, L.; Zannettino, A.