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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Co-operative Research Centre for Viticulture: Sampling program for grapevine yellows diseasesBonfiglioli, Roderick Gordon; Guerrini, S.; Symons, R. H.
1996Manipulation of xylem transport affects Zn and Mn transport into developing wheat grains of cultured earsPearson, J. N.; Rengel, Zdenko; Jenner, Colin F.; Graham, Robin David
1996Differential transport of Zn, Mn and sucrose along the longitudinal axis of developing wheat grainsPearson, J. N.; Jenner, Colin F.; Rengel, Zdenko; Graham, Robin David
1996A self-fertile mutant of phalaris produces an S protein with reduced thioredoxin activityLi, Xinmin; Nield, Jan; Hayman, David; Langridge, Peter
1996PCR differentiation of commercial yeast strains using intron splice site primersde Barros Lopes, Miguel; Soden, Alison; Henschke, Paul A.; Langridge, Peter
1996Sequence analysis of the second largest subunit of tomato RNA polymerase IIWarrilow, D.; Symons, R. H.
1996Accumulation of a sulphur-rich seed albumin from sunflower in the leaves of transgenic subterranean clover, (Trifolium subterranean L.)Rafiqul, M.; Khan, Imtiaz Ahmed; Ceriotti, Aldo; Tabe, Linda Marie; Aryan, Arun Prakash; McNabb, Warren; Moore, Andrew; Craig, Stuart; Spencer, Donald; Higgins, Thomas J. V.
1996Bacterial speck research: i) disease distribution, identity and resistance to copperTesoriero, L.; Barker, Susan Jane; Minchinton, E.; Warren, M.; Chowdhury, R.
1996Uptake of zinc from chelate-buffered nutrient solutions by wheat genotypes differing in Zn efficiencyRengel, Zdenko; Graham, Robin David
1996Tissue and intra-cellular distribution of coconut cadang cadang viroid and citrus exocortis viroid determined by in situ hybridization and confocal laser scanning and transmission electron microscopyBonfiglioli, Roderick Gordon; Webb, D. R.; Symons, R. H.