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2001In vivo perturbation of rat hepatocyte canalicular membrane function by diclofenacSallustio, B.; Holbrook, F.
1999Hepatic disposition of the acyl glucuronide1-0-gemfibrozil-β-D-glucuronide effects of dibromosulfophthalein in membrane transport and aglycone formationSabordo, L.; Sallustio, B.; Evans, A.; Nation, R.
2007Molecular evolution of the carboxy terminal region of the zona pellucida 3 glycoprotein in murine rodentsSwann, C.; Cooper, S.; Breed, W.
1995Reactivity of gemfibrozil 1-0-b acyl glucuronide: Pharmacokinetics of covalently bound gemfibrozil-protein adducts in ratsSallustio, B.; Foster, D.
2000Hepatic disposition of the acyl glucoronide 1-O-gemfibrozil--D-glucoronide: Effects of clofibric acid, acetaminophen, and acetaminophen glucuronideSabordo, L.; Sallustio, B.; Evans, A.; Nation, R.
1996Disposition of gemfibrozil and gemfibrozil acyl glucuronide in the rat isolated perfused liverSallustio, B.; Fairchild, B.; Shanahan, K.; Evans, A.; Nation, R.
1996Stereospecificity in contraluminal and luminal transporters of organic cations in the proximal tubule.Somogyi, A.; Rumrich, G.; Fritsch, G.; Ullrich, K.
2000Toxin-induced vasogenic cerebral oedema in a rat modelGhabriel, M.; Zhu, C.; Reilly, P.; Blumbergs, P.; Manavis, J.; Finnie, J.; Mendelow, A.D.; Baethmann, A.; Czernick, Z.; Hoff, J.T.; Ito, U.; James, H.E.; Kuroiwa, T.; Marmarou, A.; Marshall, L.F.; Reulen, H.J.; International Symposium on Brain Edema (11th : 1999 : Newcastle upon Tyne, England)
2003Neuropeptide release influences brain edema formation after diffuse traumatic brain injuryVink, R.; Young, A.; Bennett, C.; Hu, X.; O'Connor, C.; Cernak, I.; Nimmo, A.; Kuroiwa, T.; Baethmann, A.; Czernicki, Z.; Hoff, J.T.; Ito, U.; Katayama, Y.; Mararou, A.; Mendelow, A.D.; Reulen, H.J.
2019Relaxin reduces endothelium-derived vasoconstriction in hypertension: revealing new therapeutic insightsLeo, C.H.; Ng, H.H.; Marshall, S.A.; Jelinic, M.; Rupasinghe, T.; Qin, C.; Roessner, U.; Ritchie, R.H.; Tare, M.; Parry, L.J.