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2023Utopia versus dystopia: Professional perspectives on the impact of healthcare artificial intelligence on clinical roles and skillsAquino, Y.S.J.; Rogers, W.A.; Braunack-Mayer, A.; Frazer, H.; Win, K.T.; Houssami, N.; Degeling, C.; Semsarian, C.; Carter, S.M.
2023Excess hospital costs incurred by individuals with child abuse and neglect history in South Australia: A birth-cohort studyGnanamanickam, E.S.; Brown, D.S.; Armfield, J.M.; Segal, L.
2023Consensus guidelines for sarcopenia prevention, diagnosis and management in Australia and New ZealandZanker, J.; Sim, M.; Anderson, K.; Balogun, S.; Brennan-Olsen, S.L.; Dent, E.; Duque, G.; Girgis, C.M.; Grossmann, M.; Hayes, A.; Henwood, T.; Hirani, V.; Inderjeeth, C.; Iuliano, S.; Keogh, J.; Lewis, J.; Lynch, G.S.; Pasco, J.A.; Phu, S.; Reijnierse, E.M.; et al.
2023Emulating a target trial of intensive nurse home visiting in the policy-relevant population using linked administrative dataMoreno-Betancur, M.; Lynch, J.W.; Pilkington, R.M.; Schuch, H.S.; Gialamas, A.; Sawyer, M.G.; Chittleborough, C.R.; Schurer, S.; Gurrin, L.C.
2023School lunchboxes as an opportunity for health and environmental considerations: a scoping reviewLalchandani, N.K.; Poirier, B.; Crabb, S.; Miller, C.; Hume, C.
2023Process mining for healthcare decision analytics with micro-costing estimationsLeemans, S.J.J.; Partington, A.; Karnon, J.; Wynn, M.T.
2023Twelve Tips for Inclusive Practice in Healthcare SettingsMarjadi, B.; Flavel, J.; Baker, K.; Glenister, K.; Morns, M.; Tryantafylou, M.; Strauss, P.; Wolff, B.; Procter, A.; Mengesha, Z.; Walsberger, S.; Qiao, X.; Gardiner, P.
2023Investigating the Validity of the Australian Early Development CensusHowells, S.; Nguyen, H.T.; Brinkman, S.; Mitrou, F.
2023Clinical applications of non‐invasive multi and hyperspectral imaging of cell and tissue autofluorescence beyond oncologyCampbell, J.M.; Mahbub, S.B.; Habibalahi, A.; Agha, A.; Handley, S.; Anwer, A.G.; Goldys, E.M.
2023Partially clustered designs for clinical trials: Unifying existing designs using consistent terminologyLange, K.M.; Kasza, J.; Sullivan, T.R.; Yelland, L.N.
2023Local and non‐local soil microbiota impede germination of the endangered Acacia whibleyanaHodgson, R.J.; Liddicoat, C.; Cando‐Dumancela, C.; Blyth, C.; Watson, C.D.; Breed, M.F.
2023Automated pancreatic islet viability assessment for transplantation using bright-field deep morphological signatureHabibalahi, A.; Campbell, J.M.; Walters, S.N.; Mahbub, S.B.; Anwer, A.G.; Grey, S.T.; Goldys, E.M.
2023Objectively measured infant and toddler screen time: Findings from a prospective studyBrushe, M.E.; Lynch, J.W.; Melhuish, E.; Reilly, S.; Mittinty, M.N.; Brinkman, S.A.
2023Further investment in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men's health research funding is urgently requiredCanuto, K.; Prehn, J.; Canuto, K.; Neate, R.; Gee, G.; Kennedy, C.; Gaweda, C.; Black, O.; Smith, J.; Brown, A.
2023Exercise to Prevent and Manage Frailty and Fragility FracturesDent, E.; Daly, R.M.; Hoogendijk, E.O.; Scott, D.
2023Child protection contact among children of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds: A South Australian linked data studyAbdul Rahim, R.; Pilkington, R.; Procter, A.M.; Montgomerie, A.; Mittinty, M.N.; D'Onise, K.; Lynch, J.
2023Social capital and its role to improve maternal and child health services in Northwest Ethiopia: A qualitative studyMengesha, E.W.; Tessema, G.A.; Assefa, Y.; Alene, G.D.
2023Associations of advanced age with comorbidity, stage and primary subsite as contributors to mortality from colorectal cancerGheybi, K.; Buckley, E.; Vitry, A.; Roder, D.
2023Effects of high temperatures and heatwaves on dengue fever: a systematic review and meta-analysisDamtew, Y.T.; Tong, M.; Varghese, B.M.; Anikeeva, O.; Hansen, A.; Dear, K.; Zhang, Y.; Morgan, G.; Driscoll, T.; Capon, T.; Bi, P.
2023A longitudinal mediation analysis of the effect of Aboriginal Australian mothers' experience of perceived racism on children’s social and emotional well-beingSnyder, G.; Ribeiro Santiago, P.H.; Sawyer, A.; Jamieson, L.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 3287